Charitable Donation Planning





Philanthropy begins with matching passions and resources. When that balance strikes, people naturally reach for their wallets to give to the charitable causes they care about. Proactively discussing charitable giving should be a natural part of the dialog between a financial advisor and clients. 

At Investment Partners, LTD, it is a practice of ours to explore our clients’ charitable goals with them. The modern donor is now incredibly diverse, and it’s fairly common to pursue these conversations with: 

• Younger entrepreneurs
• Clients who may sell or have recently sold a business (or those anticipating some sort of similar liquidity event)
• Parents with very successful children, who may want to redirect part of their estate.
• Clients who currently are involved with charities or community causes.

It is common for a client not to give efficiently through gifts of cash, or by not giving enough to itemize. Our clients establish a “giving account,” otherwise known as a Donor Advised Fund. The donor advised fund enables the separation of the gift from the grant. 

By establishing a donor advised fund with Investment Partners, LTD, we’re able to address this efficiently by moving low-cost basis positions from their investment account into their Donor Advised Fund. We’re able to guide you, as the client, in the most effective and efficient way to give.