Attention Frank Wealth Management Group Clients

I want to share an important decision that I made after carefully evaluating both my personal and professional goals. I am merging my practice with another professional financial consulting firm, Investment Partners, LTD.

Why merge and why now?

First, as I’ve done my entire career, I’m seeking to put your interests ahead of my own.  None of us are guaranteed tomorrow, and as a lone practitioner, I felt it was my fiduciary duty to ensure I had a firm to support you in the event of my death, disability, or retirement.

Secondly, I must plan for my own future, and while relatively young, I don’t plan to work forever.  One lesson I’ve learned in my career is that planning for life’s events is far better than being forced to deal with them reactively.  I’ve simply heeded the advice I’ve given to you over the years.

How did I decide to merge with Investment Partners?

In planning for my future, I’ve spent the better part of four years thinking about what lies ahead.  I’ve discussed, analyzed capabilities, gathered information, evaluated culture, stepped back, considered your feelings and mine, vetted processes, and otherwise thoroughly investigated 4-5 firms.  My conclusion was that Investment Partners was the perfect fit.  

Who is Investment Partners?

 Investment Partners, LTD is a wealth management organization that believes in the power of planning now for what lies ahead by providing clients with a road map to financial security. Investment Partners creates, implements, and monitors customized financial plans designed to help individuals, families, businesses, and their loved ones protect and maintain the quality of their financial life and legacy. 

What does it mean for you?

In the short term, nothing is changing.  Both Frank Wealth Management Group and Investment Partners use the same custodian (NFS) and same Broker / Dealer (Commonwealth Financial).  Account numbers don’t change, your statements look the same, there is nothing to sign, and I am still your advisor.

More importantly, I hope to deliver an even higher level of service and customer experience through the support and resources of a firm that boasts 9 advisors, 3 CFPs, 4 locations, 21 years of business, and a staff with a combined 312 years of experience in the industry.  

Is there anything I need to do?

First, we understand that any change creates uncertainty.  We’d like to address any concerns you might have, and we highly encourage your feedback and questions.  We promise to address your questions directly.

We have officially moved to 5775 Perimeter Drive Suite 110, Dublin, OH 43017. For now, you may still reach us at the same phone number at 614.791.4806.

In conclusion…

We couldn’t be more excited about this new opportunity to merge with Investment Partners and be able to provide the next level of service and commitment to our clients with an even larger team of knowledge.  I’ve worked at a number of companies in my career, and simply wish I’d found a home like this years ago.  I love what I do, and love my clients, and am looking forward to whatever the future may hold.  I sincerely hope you are too.


Steve Frank
Wealth Management Advisor