Our Team

Our Team

Investment Partners, LTD, is a wealth management organization that believes in the power of planning now for what lies ahead.

We believe success in investing is a direct result of careful planning, emotional discipline, and intellectual honesty. We are in the business to provide our clients with a road map to financial security for themselves, their business, and their loved ones through helping protect and maintain the quality of their financial life and legacy.

The advisors at Investment Partners, LTD, create, implement, and monitor customized financial plans designed to help affluent individuals and families pursue their financial goals. Through careful assessment, strategic planning, emotional discipline, and intellectual honesty, we analyze each client’s complete financial picture to ensure that investment strategies reflect their individual values, risk tolerance, and ultimate life objectives.

Our relationships are based upon professional, confidential, respectful, and committed values to do what is in each client’s best interest. Our name, Investment Partners, communicates the reputation we have built based on sound judgment and prudent decision making to be a significant partner helping protect existing assets and successfully pursue financial goals.  

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